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From the Pastor’s Heart

Categories: news and events

I am often heard saying that, “We live in a crowded world full of many, many lonely people.” I believe that this is true now more than ever before. The onslaught of individualism and self-centered lifestyles breeds lonely people. People, however, know down deep in their hearts that there must be more.

Here at Crossroads, you will find a group of people who have made the greatest discovery in life; a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They have not only been introduced to the One who has saved them, they have also met others who, like them, have entrusted their life’s direction to Jesus. Young couples, college students, families of all sizes, along with our precious senior adults make up an incredible support system of encouragement, comfort, and just good old fun. We are from different places, of different generations, and of varying backgrounds, yet we all share this one truth that binds us together through thick and thin; we are all sinners forgiven by God’s wonderful grace, now called to live life out loud for our Savior. Come and join us. We’d love to have you.

Grace and Peace,
-David Rice