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The Little Ones

Categories: Pastors Blog

Did you see the children’s choir on Sunday morning? Wasn’t that amazing? Those are but a sampling of the wonderful little ones that God has so richly blessed us with here at Crossroads. I am so thankful for the many of you who serve to lead these children to build a relationship with God through Christ and with His church. Your energy and joy for all that you do is endless. From caring for our littlest ones during worship, to leading children in children’s church, to all those who work with our boys and girls in RA’s and GA’s and Mission Friends, to those who help in discipling our children, we want to say “Thank You!”

With our thoughts on children let me share with you a little anecdote I recently read:
Our 3-year-old daughter, Abby, was having trouble sleeping through the night,
waking up because she was afraid. Each time as I re-tucked her into bed, I would
remind her that Jesus was with her and he would keep her safe. The sleepless
nights continued, with Abby seeking comfort in our bedroom. Finally, one night,
I asked her if she had prayed for Jesus to take her fear away and help her fall asleep.
“Oh, yes,” she assured me. “He told me to come and get you!”
—Karen Fair, Butler, Pennsylvania. Christian Reader, “Kids of the Kingdom.”

This cute little story reminds me that our little ones need us and with the growing needs within our church family, we desperately need an infusion of church family members serving in this vital area of preschool and children’s ministry. One of the good words that you hear about Crossroads is how friendly we are. It is our desire that everyone who comes through our doors experience that friendliness and Christ-like love, even the babies, the toddlers, and the children. Please search your heart and make yourself available to serve as God leads you. May it never be said of us here at Crossroads that we have failed to give our children the best we have. You are the best we have, those of you called to serve and lead these little ones, and we need you to step forward to serve.
If you feel led (not guilty) to serve in this area of ministry you can let us know in the office or let Pam Chisolm, our preschool and children’s ministry coordinator, know when you see her. Thank you in advance for your response to this need for servants.

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes Me.”
Jesus – Matthew 18:5

Love You All,
Bro. David