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A preacher went to visit one of his members, and as he stood by the bedside, the man began to gasp and motioned for the preacher to hand him a pencil and paper, which he did.  The pastor assumed the man wanted to write  something important.  Just as he finished, the man gave one last gasp and died.  The preacher folded up the note, put it in his pocket. He decided to wait until the funeral service and then take it out and read it to the congregation so that they could hear the man’s last words.

Time came for the service and the preacher walked out on the platform.  Remembering the note, he reached in his pocket and pulled it out and read, “You are standing on my oxygen tube!”

As this little story indicates, preachers need a lot of help.  I am grateful that I am not alone in the decision making and carrying out the work of God’s church here at Crossroads.

October is “Staff Appreciation Month”.  I want you to know how much I appreciate the staff that we are blessed with and how thankful I am to serve alongside each one of them.

Our Ministry Staff:

James Runnels, Associate Pastor, Minister of Music/Education

James has been with us a year now and God has done exactly what we were praying for through him, ministry has multiplied.  James is an innovative thinker, creative planner, great worship leader, and support to me.  His wife Stacia and their girls; Anna Grace, Emma Beth, Olivia, Rose and Ella are a true joy.

Jeff Stapleton, Student Pastor

Jeff has been with us for about 14 months and our Student ministry (grades 7-12) has only grown in number and depth.  Jeff and his wife Sarah along with Collin, their son, are a blessing to all of us raising our teen-age children in this crazy world.

Pam Chisolm, Children and Pre-school coordinator

Pam is a tireless worker with an insatiable passion to see children enjoying themselves and learning about Jesus here at        Crossroads.  I am thankful for all that Pam does.  Thank you to her husband Joe and daughter Natalie for their support of Pam’s ministry here at Crossroads.

Our Ministry Support Staff:

Kathy Prothro, Church and Financial Secretary

Kathy serves above and beyond the call on a daily basis.  She works with great integrity and commitment to excellence in all she does.

Rick Lowery, Facilities Maintenance

Rick serves daily with a sweet spirit and willing attitude as he cares for our buildings, vehicles, and property.

Sunnie Risenhoover, Custodial Service

Sunnie works relentlessly to keep our buildings in immaculate condition.

Jan VanBenthuysen, Food Services

Jan carefully plans and prepares our Wednesday evening family meals.  She does so with a mother’s touch.

Love You All,