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That is the total amount of money that Americans will spend on their family and friends this Christmas.  That figure actually reflects a significant decrease in spending over the last two years. Still it’s an astounding number considering that a similar amount dedicated to any of the world’s health/social issues, such as the AIDS epidemic, the need for clean water in the third world, basic pharmaceuticals for curable diseases like malaria, the need for adequate educational facilities and resources, or the protection of defenseless children enslaved as laborers and prostitutes, would wipe out or make a significant difference in wiping out any of these issues.  I recognize that no one can write out a 120 billion dollar check, however you can make a difference for one or more by making the choice to give up    searching for insignificant gifts for your loved ones and to choose to honor your loved ones with significant life giving, life changing gifts.  Honor your parents or friends by giving in their name to a      ministry that helps others.  There are lots of chances to do that here at Crossroads;

  • Our Lottie Moon Christmas offering that supports our missionaries around the world.  Crossroads’ goal is $10,000 let’s give more than ever to make sure our missionaries have all that they need to tell the story of Jesus.  Bring your offering to church on Sunday, December 13 for a special time of worship.
  • Sunday night, December 13th, we will receive an offering after our annual Children’s Christmas Program to provide assistance for six families in our community.
  • All through the Christmas season you can spread cheer to your friends at Crossroads by giving your Christmas cards through our Lottie Moon Post Office.  Donate the money you would have spent on postage to the Lottie Moon offering for World Missions on December 13 or at any time during the month.

Want some other ideas?  Visit adventconspiracy.org or redefining-christmas.org for more great ideas.  Giving gifts like these will be a blessing to you, to those you honor, and to someone, somewhere around the world whose life you will change through your thoughtful generosity.

Merry Christmas,