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Are you empowered by the Gospel?

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Let me remind you of a story I shared with you a few weeks ago:

Pastor Harry Reeder shares this story about his first car: “When I was sixteen, my father bought me a car at an auction for $75. It was a pink ’57 Ford, which Dad insisted was “coral.” I couldn’t drive a pink car to school! I then heard words that in a not-too-distant future my children would hear, “Son, a poor ride is better than a proud walk.” It was said so convincingly I knew it was probably in the Bible. Then my Dad opened the hood, and to my surprise, underneath was a 390 engine with two four-barrel carburetors. The car had been a South Carolina State Interceptor (a highway patrol car). Nothing had more power under the hood. Space and conviction prevents me from detailing the surprises that Corvettes and Roadsters would get after they looked laughingly at my pink ’57 Ford while sitting side by side at stoplights. It didn’t look like much, but there was power under the hood.”

Harry’s car did not look like much, but there was enormous power beneath the hood of his pink ’57 Ford. The “power under the hood” for the church is the gospel message of Jesus dying for sinners. The “power under the hood” for your life is this same gospel. The joyful, abundant life that God has planned for you is a gospel empowered life. I am convinced that the failure of the church and even the disappointment in a believer’s life that causes them to turn away from faith is caused by the absence of this power. Is this power at work in you? Do you live a gospel empowered life? Do you serve God’s church here at Crossroads because of the gospel or because you feel obligated? I pray your life will be empowered by the gospel. I pray that everything we do here at Crossroads will be empowered by the gospel.

An important date for you to mark down:

Pastor Getahun Tesema will be visiting us on Sunday, July 11 in our evening worship time. This is the pastor that I met on my trip to Ethiopia in January/February, 2010. Pastor Getahun has headed the Bright Hope ministry in Ethiopia for six years as a partner with Buckner Children and Family Services International. Getahun grew up in Ethiopia but fled the country in 1989 at age 22. He spent two and a half years in a refugee camp in Kenya. “I had been brought up in the Christian tradition with all its formality, but that is where I developed a personal relationship with Christ,” says Getahun.

Eventually, Getahun moved to the United States, where he worked as a taxi driver, attended Dallas Theological Seminary and was part of the Ethiopian Baptist Church in Dallas. But he felt called back to his homeland, and he returned to Ethiopia to found Bright Hope ministry. The ministry ranges from evangelism to economic development—a vital need in a country plagued by unemployment and 70 to 80 percent illiteracy.

Buckner partnered with Bright Hope in its ministry to orphaned and abandoned children. Ethiopia is home to 4 million orphans—about 500,000 of them affected by AIDS. In Addis Ababa alone, 300,000 children live on the streets. Through Bright Hope/Buckner there are two ministries to address that need—a school in a rural village and a baby home in Addis Ababa.

You do not want to miss this exciting night of testimony and questions/answers. We have been invited to join with other churches in East Texas to share in the work of Bright Hope/Buckner. Come and see and hear what God is doing.

Bro. David