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Together for His Glory

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Together for His Glory

Together for His Glory. That’s our church’s theme for the days of intentional prayer and giving for our new family education building. We need each one to be involved and committed to God’s work at Crossroads to seize this great opportunity. In the days ahead we are going to be having several different events to get us ready for this. The first one arrives on Saturday and Sunday, September 18-19. That weekend will be a time of Spiritual Preparation. We will study together what God’s Word says about building and giving, even about managing our personal finances. It’s going to be a great time with something for everyone. There will be childcare and there will be activities for children as well as our junior high and high school students. There are sign-up sheets in your S.S. classes and in the foyer of our worship center. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through us when we come Together for His Glory.

First Day of School

Sitting in the car this morning watching Anna walk into the high school at Elysian Fields was something else. I know many of you sent your children into the first grade or watched them walk out the door to begin their senior year. All these milestones are opportunities for reflection and growth. As I entrust our children into the hands of faculty and administrators of their schools I cannot help but think about our church prayer time on Sunday night. We determined to pray for our children and their families the following:

We determined to pray for their peace.

The peace that comes from knowing God through salvation.

The peace that comes from depending on God every day.

We determined to pray for their purity.

The purity that results from loving God with an ever increasing passion and desperation.

We determined to pray for their purpose.

The purpose of God’s people is to make much of Him, not much of ourselves.

We determined to pray for the power of the Holy Spirit, the abiding presence of Christ, and for the manifest presence of God to be a moment to moment experience in our lives as well as in the lives of our students, teachers, administrators, and community.

Love you,
– Bro. David