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We’re Growing!

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Our church is in the midst of a building program. Over the last few years, we have grown and are in desperate need of more space. We are constructing a two story building. One third will be used to house our growing youth ministry, one third will be children’s space, and the last third will be set aside for adult Bible study space.

It is a VERY exciting time to be a part of Crossroads! Please begin praying now for whatever role God would have you perform in our program, and be prepared to respond positively if asked to serve. Volunteering is encouraged if you would like to be involved. Everything that we do is for his glory!

The building is coming along very well!

Just a reminder that we are still receiving Faith Promise Cards for our new Family  Education Building, if you would like to make a pledge.

To date we have pledges totaling $ 536,982.00.

We have already received cash of $131,849.00.