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Have a Merry Impactful Christmas

Categories: Pastors Blog

Here are some of the numbers from the video that we watched this past Sunday morning (11/ 21):

World population 6.7 billion and growing

Undernourished people in the world 889 million and growing

The number of people who die daily from hunger 28,433

These numbers seem so overwhelming to me.  It seems like my conservation or commitment to simplicity can make very little difference. Yet I know that this is not true, I can make a difference, I do make a difference.  Since 2005 we have supported with $30 per month a little girl named Sandra in Ghana, Africa (www.worldvision.org, www.comapssion.net).  We have watched her grow, knowing that our meager investment has kept her healthy, sent her to school, fed her, and most importantly taught her that God loves her.  We will continue to support Sandra through her teen years and look forward to supporting other children in the years to come.  I share this to encourage you to consider how you can make a difference.  While we are in the gift giving mode, what if this year you gave up searching for insignificant gifts for your loved ones and instead chose to honor your loved ones with significant life giving, life changing gifts.  Honor your parents or friends by giving in their name to a ministry that helps others.  There are lots of chances to do that over the next month:

  • Our Lottie Moon Christmas (www.imb.org) offering that supports our missionaries around the world.          Crossroads’ goal is $10,000 let’s give more than ever to make sure our missionaries have all that they need to tell the story of Jesus.  Bring your offering to church on Sunday, December 12th for a special time of   worship.
  • Sunday night, December 12th, we will receive an offering after our annual Children’s Christmas Program to provide assistance for a few families in our community identified for us by our Elementary school.
  • All through the Christmas season you can spread cheer to your friends at Crossroads by giving your     Christmas cards through our Lottie Moon Post Office.  Donate the money you would have spent on postage to the Lottie Moon offering for World Missions on December 12th or at any time during the month.
  • Teacher gifts, instead of buying your child’s teacher another candle/lotion/pen set, etc.  Why not make a      contribution in their honor to an education fund to help educate children in America or abroad, find out how at www.worldvision.org.

As your gratitude continues to flow into generosity, may the world feel the impact of God’s grace to you.

Merry Christmas,   David