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I have shared with you the unsettled state of my spirit.  I so desperately want to live a life being transformed by the gospel.  This past year has been such a learning experience for me, the central nature of the gospel has overwhelmed me.  I know now that there is no other more important message than this, Jesus Christ has come into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst (1Timothy 1:15).

 On January 13, Celina and I will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our engagement.  It was a simple little moment on a Sunday afternoon that has resulted in the most significant human relationship in my life.  We decided that day to enter into a relationship of commitment to one another’s needs, to faithfully and loyally love each other, and to live together as one for the rest of our lives.   We have ever since been joined by this commitment.

 That engagement began a new life for me, which I must admit I struggled with for years.  Giving my attention and concern to another did not come naturally for me.  For several years I just did not get that this relationship was not about me. Oh, sure, there were moments when I got it, but for the most part it was not pretty.  But, I have seen the light, this relationship functions best when my thoughts are on Celina and her needs and not David and his.  Now I must say that while this is very Biblical, it is not the natural way.  The “American Dream” runs against this idea and it corrupts the core relationships that define us.  The “American Dream” says that the accumulation of stuff and the addressing of my immediate felt needs is the goal of my life.  Think about how that adversely affects your marriage, your job, your parenting, etc. Think about the insidious nature of such a mindset in the Church.

 I pray for God’s church here at Crossroads that we will reject this diseased philosophy of life and pursue the best and most righteous way.  The word “Engage” is a word you will hear a lot around Crossroads in the coming days. As a couples’ engagement is a commitment to focus their energy on each other, to be fixed on another, so I am asking that we all consider the following:

  •  To Engage in God’s Word by reading it daily.  Two reading plans are available for you.  You can find hard copies of this @ Crossroads and coming soon on our website.
  •  To Engage in God’s Church by examining your level of commitment to the body of Christ and deepening that commitment.
  •  To Engage in God’s Mission locally and globally.  To seek out ways to effectively meet the physical needs of others while sharing with them the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

 We will begin this journey with a special message entitled “Engage” on Sunday, January 2.  We will dig in and begin to see how this applies in a Bible Study through a book entitled Radical by David Platt on Wednesday, January 19th.

May we all be caught in the grip of the gospel.