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The word focus means to fix your gaze upon an object in order to gain maximum clarity. For years my life was out of focus. It was not until I received my driver’s license that I realized how bad my vision is (and it has only gotten worse). When I go to the eye doctor, she sits me in a chair at a device called a phoropter and has me look through lenses to determine the correct correction for my eyes. The doctor goes through a process for both my eyes, because they are different, where she flips through a number of different lenses to find the proper prescription to give me the best corrected eyesight. The purpose of this is so I can see. Without correction I can’t see leaves on trees, or faces, or anything. (It is quite comical when, after removing my contacts, I cannot locate my glasses, I am completely helpless.) This is a simple reality; few of us who are accustomed to seeing in order to function can function otherwise. It is miserable to live life out of focus.

The same is true for our spiritual lives. Before we are saved our lives are out of focus. When we live out of focused lives, we stumble through and invest ourselves in the things of this life that do not last. Nothing of this world can correctly correct the focus of our heart. The removal of sin by grace through faith in Christ alone brings clarity into our lives. As believers, the scripture teaches us to “fix(focus) our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” and to “fix(focus) our thoughts on Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess”. We are to “fix(focus) our eyes on what is unseen or eternal.” Christians should “set(focus) our minds on things above.” I’ll never forget the joy of the first days of clear vision. The clarity of my newly corrected vision was incredible, trees had individual leaves, stoplights were no longer red, yellow, and green blobs, chalkboards were in focus for the first time.

There are few things that bring our Christian perspective clarity like the cross of Christ. As we “Focus on the Cross” in the days ahead I pray that you will not only attend, but I pray that your hearts will receive the clarity of God’s eternal purpose made clear through the Cross of His Son Jesus Christ.

See you then,