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Reach Out Crossroads – James Runnels

Categories: news and events

The month of May will be an exciting time for our church as our new building opens up for the study of God’s Word on May 15th. It is awesome to see how the Lord has worked in the life of our church to bring His plan to completion. The new building provides new Sunday School space for Bible Study that is such a vital part of Crossroads. Small group Bible study, fellowship and accountability are necessary for a healthy church and we want to do everything we can to reach the most people.

If you are in a class already, let me tell you about an opportunity to reach out to those on your roll who haven’t been coming and for folks who haven’t connected yet with a Sunday School class. Beginning on Wednesday, May 4th, we will be visiting folks on our church roll and those on our Sunday School rolls with “Reach Out Crossroads.” I am asking each class to send a representative, preferably two each Wednesday, to visit those in your classes as we reach out and connect with people who we haven’t seen in awhile. We will still have our regular Wednesday night Bible Study with Bro. David, but we will also be using this time to reach out to people. I have never seen the Lord not bless getting into people’s homes for outreach. Please be in prayer for our visitation efforts and pray about your role in “Reach Out Crossroads.”Sunday May 29th @ 4PM will have our evening service at the Heritage House. It is a great opportunity to minister together as a family to the residents of Heritage House. Come join us.