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Good vs. Best

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Choice is a mystery.  In very basic terms our choices are the result of a conglomeration of our personal experience and the perceived expectations of the community that we live in.  The easy choices are the ones between good and evil.  Few of us really struggle over those choices.  I mean even when we choose evil over good we usually understand that it was wrong, and when we reap the consequences, we recognize that we have only gotten what we deserve.  This is basic decision making 101.  Most human beings who are accountable for their own decisions understand this.

However, the most difficult decisions that we make are often the choice between what is good and what is best.  Generally, we want to use the same equation of experience plus expectation.  But what happens when those lines get blurred.  What happens when the two don’t agree?  What if the choice I make is unpopular and in the eyes of my peers is unacceptable?  What if the choices I make diverge from my personal experiences?  Is there a more    dependable resource than my personal experiences and my perceived expectations?  There is.  There is a resource that is unchanged by human experience and cultural expectations.  It is the Bible.  You knew I was going to say that right?  What would any Baptist preacher say?  Yet, I struggle so often with making the best choice, the exercising of true discernment.  For example, it is good to be at home with my family and enjoy supper and an evening of        relaxation.  Agreed.  But what will I do with that time?  Will we spend it in conversation together?  Or will we spend it watching TV?  You see there is good and there is best.  Being a regular reader of God’s Word is the only way to consistently choose what is best.  Being with friends is a good thing.  But what to do when friends diverge from what the Bible teaches is best?  Discernment tells me that what is best is to do what is right concerning God’s Word even when it is culturally unacceptable or divergent.  The term discernment means to “judge well”.  To be a discerning person means that I consistently judge well between what is best and what is good and certainly what is evil.

Another resource for discernment is the Church.  Church is the Community of Faith gathered to worship God and sent out to be a witness of His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Church that meets at Crossroads is moving into a new space Sunday, May 15.  This space is not special, but the people and the purpose are.  You are one of those people.  The purpose is to encourage one another to be discerning in all of life’s decisions, to consistently choose what is best over everything else.  Come and join us for a cup of coffee, and great friends gathered for worship, and encouraged to live everyday for His Glory.

Your Pastor,