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Meet our New Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Categories: news and events

It is with a joyful heart that I come to you as Children’s Ministry Coordinator!  When James was called into the ministry some years ago, I knew that I was “called by his side”, and set out to help him in any way possible.  Though I have gladly served in almost every area of church ministry, I am most excited about what the Lord has in store here with our Crossroads kids.  Teaching our own children about the Lord has always been priority one in our home; now, I have the opportunity to coordinate a ministry where your children hear the Word of God each week, creatively, and with purpose!

Last summer I did not anticipate that I would be anything more than ‘temporary’ in this position…God, in His infinite wisdom had other plans! I feared that my schedule as a mama to our five girls would prevent me from adequately completing the tasks at hand.  God gently whispered, week after week, that whomever He calls, he equips.  He reminded me that there is good, better, and best, and challenged me to focus on that which brings eternal significance.  I eagerly anticipate a growing children’s ministry at Crossroads and one in which the love of a sweet Lord will shine through to His precious children.  Thank you for lifting up this vital area of          Crossroads in prayer!

Stacia Runnels