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Super Heroes and Love Stories

Categories: Pastors Blog

New Sermon Series, Super Heroes and Love Stories

OK, so I get pumped about Summer movies.  I love a good super hero movie (Batman is my favorite).  At times I also enjoy a sweet little romantic comedy (don’t tell Luke).  I just enjoy going to the movies.  So as I looked ahead at the summer calendar of upcoming summer blockbuster movies like, THOR, The Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class,     Captain America, the enlist lists of romantic comedies, and mindless remakes of the Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh, and the Muppets there are things to like and some to avoid, but I thought would it not be fun to look together at the super heroes and love stories of scripture.  So I want to invite you to join us as we look together each Sunday   morning of the summer at the men and women who did great and courageous things for God’s Kingdom, as well as the men and women who loved and what they learned through those relationships.  I think that it will be a great time of enjoying the stories of men and women like me and you and how we too can do great and courageous things for God’s Kingdom; and what we should be learning from our relationships with one another.  The greatest love story of all is the relentless pursuit of God for us.  He has loved us well.  He has sent us an expression of that love.  He longs for our attention, for He fully understands what is best for His most precious creation.  I want to soak in that love and I want the world that I am connected with professionally and socially to feel the impact of that love through my courageous obedience.

Bro. David