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Disciple Now 2012 is NEAR!

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Double Dog Challenge - Disciple Now 2012

Its hard to believe that Disciple Now is upon us again!  I am really excited about Disciple Now this year.  This year’s theme is “Double Dog Challenge.”  If you’ve been in middle school, you know that it is hard to turn down a challenge when it comes in the form of a Dare.  It is almost impossible to resist the challenge when it becomes a “Double Dog Dare.”  January 13th – 15th, our youth ministry is participating in the Double Dog Challenge.  It is a weekend of stretching ourselves to serve others for the sake of the Gospel.   I realize that some of you may not be familiar with Disciple Now, or might want a refresher, so here’s a list of questions and answers for you.

What is Disciple Now?
Disciple Now will be Friday, January 13th – Sunday January 15th.

What is Disciple Now?
Simply put, Disciple Now is the second biggest student event that we do each year (Youth Camp being the first).  It is goes from a Friday evening till Sunday at noon.  There will be amazing music, messages, and time with friends.  All activities have the single focus of better helping students grow in their faith and understanding of God. This is a community wide event.  We will be worshiping with other churches here at Crossroads and will have small bible studies with students of the same gender and age in homes.

I don’t go to church, what should I expect if I go to Disciple Now?
You can expect a lot of fun, but also intentional conversations about our spiritual lives.  We believe that God has created us for a relationship with Him and that every human being was created to know God.   Our goal is to create a place where all people can ask honest questions about God and how we can relate to Him.

Financial: Cost, and Deadlines
The cost of Disciple Now is $25.  The absolute deadline for sign-ups is January 1st.  After that, no students can be added.  Students will need to also have the attached registration form turned in.

Where will I be staying?
You will be staying in homes of the members of Crossroads Baptist Church.  The adults of the host home will be there as well as a bible study leader, normally of college age.  The week of Disciple Now you will receive a letter in the mail with the address and phone numbers of the home you will be staying.  I strongly encourage contact with the host home prior to the weekend.

Who are the speaker and band?
What a lineup we have this year!  My good friend Donovan Martin will be the speaker.  He was in the Air Force, and was stationed in Alaska for many years.  He moved back to Texas where he has served in youth ministry for over twenty years!  He also holds a PhD.  The band is “More than a Memory.”  They led worship for us last year.  You can check them out at http://myspace.com/mtammusic

What if I need to be gone for part of the weekend?
We would like for everyone to be involved in the entire weekend, but that can’t always happen.  If you are going to miss a part of the weekend, please notify the host-home as well as Jeff.

What should I bring?
Everything that they would need for a weekend trip away from home.  They will also need a sleeping bag, pillow and such.  They should also bring their Bible and the expectation that they are going to have an awesome weekend.

How can I register?
Use the super easy form below to save your spot, and fill out this 2012 Medical Waiver.  Your student will NOT be officially registered until we receive the $25 registration fee.