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30 Hour Famine Info

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Our 30 Hour Famine will start Friday the 18th at lunch time.  Lunch should be your final meal.  We will meet here at Crossroads at 6:00pm to begin our 30 hour famine.  We will be staying at the church overnight.  There will be a series of activities that will help us learn about hunger.  We will end Saturday at 3:00pm.  Students will need to bring:

Money raised
Sleeping bag/pillow
tooth brush
2 or more large juice bottles

More info will be available soon.

We’re doing the 30 Hour Famine to fight hunger — to help feed and care for hungry kids.

• On Famine Weekend, we’ll go without food for 30 hours. Between now and then, we’ll learn about hunger and how it can be stopped. And we’ll raise funds to help real-life kids affected by hunger.

• The stakes are huge. Every $30 you raise can help feed and care for a child for a month. That means if you raise just $360 over the next few weeks, you can help a child for a whole year.

• And you’re not just helping feed them for a day, a month, or even a year. The funds you raise will also be used to help kids and families overcome poverty and hunger for a lifetime. That’s why we’re doing the Famine. That’s why we “Go Hungryh.” We will be staying at the church overnight. There will be sleeping! Bring everything you would bring for an overnight camping trip (except food). Contact me for more info