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Crossroads had another incredible week of VBS.  We had over 135 children registered and our average attendance was the most we have ever had!  In addition, there were more than 80 adults loving on those children through the week.  We are also aware of 19 families that we will have the blessed opportunity to visit with about their child’s interest in trusting Christ as their Savior and Lord. There are many other families who indicated they do not have church home and we will be contacting them through the summer.  Please join us in reaching out to (Wednesdays @ 6 pm) and in praying for these families.


I have few words to express my gratitude to Stacia Runnels and her team of workers (adults and students) for their tireless efforts (many of them just finished their school year and some worked all day and then came to Crossroads at night to work VBS). Please know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.  (1 Corinthians 15:58).  Thank You!

The first week of June was filled with some interesting times for my family. Along with Bill and Robbie Anderson, we traveled to the New England area for a week of exploring mission          opportunities and some sightseeing of a few of the most extraordinary sights of our nation’s birth. To the right is a picture of the First Baptist Church in America founded in 1638 by Roger Williams in the city of Providence, a city founded and named by Williams based on his belief in the sovereign will of God.  It was the first among many congregational churches, which exercised an autonomous form of church government, which means there was no presiding authority (other than the scriptures) prescribing to them how to do church.  These were difficult days.  Williams and the pastors of the 17th century, who helped in the establishment of the thirteen colonies, led the ongoing  battle for religious freedom which would integrate into the eventual fight for freedom from the British Empire.  The freedom to worship without a church-state   looking over one’s shoulder was costly and many lost their lives in this cause, both here and in Europe.

It is sad to witness that in this birthplace of the struggle for Christian liberties there is such an indifference towards all things faith.  At FBC in America there are only around 100 people gathering in a 900-seat auditorium.  This region of the United States desperately needs our help; please join us in praying for those who are presently serving in this region, pastors like Tony Mancuso and the Hope Baptist Church and about how Crossroads can be further involved in the ongoing work of the Church to reclaim this area for Christ.

Remember on July 4th to be thankful not only for the political/economic freedoms you enjoy, but also the glorious freedom to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, both of which were gained by God’s gracious providence and through the courageous sacrifice of many men and women.


All for Him,