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Magic Mikes and Shades of Gray

Categories: Pastors Blog

How many shades of gray does it take to make a wrong, right?

Pop culture has been overtaken recently by two mediums of what appears to be acceptable pornography in the mainstream.  Women are being targeted by a book called “50 Shades of Grey” about an immoral relationship between a student and a successful business man.  At the beginning of the summer the book had sold over 10 million copies in the previous six weeks.  Another frontal attack on our culture was a movie entitled “Magic Mike” a movie chronicling a young man’s experience as a male stripper.  This movie found its way onto the calendar of many women under the heading “Girls Night Out”.  The book is a best seller that is being widely accepted.  The movie was seen as an acceptable evening of good times for the girls.  They are neither, this book is unacceptable and the movie is not a healthy experience for any woman young or old.  They are both pornographic and pornography is not out of bounds for men only.  Youth culture expert Walt Mueller writes, “Research shows that on any given Sunday, our church pews in evangelical churches hold people who struggle with pornography. That research says that 50% of the men and 20% of the women in those pews are addicted to pornography.”  Pornography is defined by Harvest USA (harvestusa.org) as “anything the heart uses to find sexual expression outside of God’s intended design for relational intimacy.”  Our enemy, the Devil, would love to further muddy the water surrounding the family.  In recent months our president has made an unprecedented about-face concerning his definition of family being made up of a man and a woman committed to one another. Now the Twilight genre of literature has devolved into another wildly successful literary trilogy coming soon to a theater near you .  Problem is this one glamorizes and titillates with immorality and deviant behavior.  Just because 50 Shades is on sale at the local Wal-Mart does not make it right.

These are important lessons for us to share with our children.  We must pass along the message that approval of the masses does not make anything right.  As a matter of fact, anymore if something does suddenly garner wide ranging public approval, beware.  The public is easily duped and led astray.  After all “broad is the road that leads to destruction.”(Matthew 7:13)

Also, if your child is in middle school it is likely time for you to sit them down and discuss God’s plan for marriage and family.  If you don’t someone else will.  As parents we must be helping our children’s development of what is acceptable in godly relationships within the marriage covenant and before marriage.  Again if we don’t, then who will?  I shudder at the thought of my daughter learning a definition of love outside of my home.  I feel a responsibility to my son’s future family to be teaching him what purity, faithfulness, and enduring love look like.

When it comes to right and wrong, there is no gray.

All for Him,

Pastor David