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Want to mentor a Youth Student?

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One on one instruction and accountability is one of the best way to build disciples of Christ.  Our “Grow” program (formerly called the Leadership Track) is the best way for a student to engage with God.

We need an army of adults to partner with our students to serve as a mentor.  A mentor needs to meet at least once a month with his or her student.  One ‘serious’ meeting and one ‘fun’ meeting is recommended.  You will be the students’ guide through the Grow program.  We will have a few meetings throughout the year to train and encourage the mentors.

Here are two sample pages of the Leadership Track:

Mentor Job Description

Thank you for volunteering to be a mentor for one of our students going through the Leadership track!  Our goal if for these students to take some giant steps forward in their spiritual development and their leadership skills.  Below is a brief description of what we need you to do.

Fill out your portion of the student’s Leadership track agreement form.

Familiarize yourself with the Leadership Track.  If you would like, we will email or send you a copy of the requirements that the student leader needs to accomplish.

Be pro-active in setting up a time every month to meet with the student you are mentoring.  This can be done in person or over the phone.  In person is best.  You will be supplied with a list of questions that you can use as a guide to find out the progress that the student is making.

If the student is behind, encourage him or her to pick up the pace.

In order for the student to attend the Leadership Retreat and other events throughout the course of the year, he or she will need your approval.  We will be in contact with you asking about your thoughts on the student’s progress.  Please be honest in your responses.  It doesn’t help the student become a leader if they are not kept accountable.  Please be prompt in your response when contacted.

The Leadership Track is not meant to be a legalistic plan.  Some of the students may not meet all of the requirements, but diligent effort should have been put into reaching thee goals.

Suggested Mentor Questions

What has God shown you in your Quiet Time recently?

Let me check your Quiet Time journal to see if you’ve been writing things down that God had shown you.

What prayers has God answered recently?

Let me check your prayer journal to see if you’ve been writing in it.

What is one thing that God has shown you recently in Wednesday Night or at church?  What about in Sunday School?

Let me hear the memory verse you’re working on right now?  What other verses have you memorized?

How are things at home (in your family)?

What’s the biggest struggle you’re facing right now?

How can I pray for you?

You’ve been praying for five people who don’t know Jesus.  What contact have you had with them recently?  Have you had any opportunities to share Jesus with them?

How are you doing in reading through the Bible?

What are some things you are learning from the book you are reading for the Leadership Track?

What mission projects have you been involved with?  What has god shown you through that?


So… Do you think you can handle this?  I think you can.  You can’t be too young or too old, just willing to love a student.  Background checks will be done on each person applying.  Sign up in the foyer, call the church office, or fill out the form below to begin this awesome journey.