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Welcome Back College Students

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Marcus and Rachel, Crossroads College Leaders

We are super excited that you came to check out our College ministry here at Crossroads.  We try our very best to provide a place where you can both learn and serve at the same time.  We want to nurture and lead you, while giving you the opportunity to share in the leadership of our College Ministry.  We have many ETBU students as well as students from TSTC and Panola College who come to worship with us.  You might have some questions about Crossroads.  We might have the answers.

<- Marcus and Rachel, Crossroads’ College Leaders


Need a Ride to Church?


What is worship like at Crossroads?

We have two identical services on Sunday Mornings at 8:00 and 10:30.  Our worship style would be considered blended.  Musically, we worship with a mix of hymns and newer worship songs with a band.  Our Pastor, David Rice, is an expository preacher with dynamic application.


What do we do Sunday mornings?

Sunday mornings, we focus on the 3 B’s…Bible, Breakfast, and Breathing.  Our Sunday Morning Bible Study time for college students will resume August 19th at 9:15 in room 102 in the Berea Building.


How can I serve at Crossroads while I’m at ETBU?

We believe that an outward sign of God’s inner work in somebody’s life is how they are serving the church.  Besides Bible Study, college students are encouraged to plug into some of our ministries.  Both our Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry utilize college leadership.  Our youth ministry typically uses 10-15 college students in its Wednesday night “ReFuel” program as small group leaders.  Our Children’s ministry uses 5-10 college students in its various Wednesday and Sunday programs.

Crossroads is a church that is very active in Missions.  We serve locally in places like Mission Marshall and the Food Pantry and globally in places like Ethiopia.  We’ve supported many students as they have embarked on global mission trips.


What do you offer on Wednesday nights for those who don’t serve in a ministry?

We offer a student-led worship time on Wednesday nights at 6:00.  More info will be available soon!