pretend campingRemember the fun of building “forts” or “castles” with pillows and blankets as a kid? Build on that fun and take your kids on a tent-camping adventure in your living room—they’ll rave about it for weeks!

Together, transform a room in your home into an indoor campsite for the weekend. You can even set up an actual tent or build one out of blankets. Turn off the TV; create a makeshift fire pit with pillows, and let your kids get creative with a flameless representation of fire; cook your traditional camping foods; roast marshmallows over the stove; curl up in sleeping bags; play your favorite board games—you get the idea.

Before lights out, have your kids close their eyes and imagine you’re all sleeping out under the night sky and its blanket of stars. Ask, “When you look at the night sky, what makes it beautiful?” Pause, and let your kids answer. Say, “Our eyes are drawn to the stars, the points of light God placed to shine bright in the dark. Because we love God, he’s put a light inside of all of us and we get to be like the stars in the sky. As we share God’s love with others we get to pass on the light—until there’s no more darkness. How can our family share God’s love and let our lights shine bright?” Finally, tell your kids ways you’ve seen each of them share God’s love and how bright they shine. Say a prayer of thanks for your kids. Then, wish your little stars goodnight.