Family Faith Talk Crossroads Baptist Marshall TXWith Easter at the end of this month, why not celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with a commitment to start a weekly Faith Talk with your family? Faith Talks are one of the building blocks to a family’s spiritual growth.  A Faith Talk is a time intentionally set aside (and protected) for you and your kids to talk about a specific Scripture or passage in the Bible. Or you can dig into a faith topic, such as Jesus’ love for children, as it’s supported by various Scriptures. Family ministry expert Brian Haynes helped sculpt this step-by-step guide to starting this vital weekly habit with your family:

  1. Schedule a time. Get ‘Faith Talk’ on everyone’s schedule and protect the time. If you track life via a mobile device, schedule reminders of your weekly talks and devote yourself to sticking to it.
  2. Find resources that’ll help you lead age-appropriate Faith Talks designed for your family’s season in life. See the web links on the main “Faith @ Home” page for some of these resources.
  3. Jump in. Leading Faith Talks may feel awkward at first, but you’ll find it becomes a time of the week filled with a wonderful connection with your kids. Don’t think it has to be perfect. Sometimes you’ll hit a home run, and other times you’ll put every kid in time-out after it’s over. It’s okay. Be flexible and roll with the punches. The good will solidly outweigh the bad in the long run.