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Guiding Your Child’s Faith Discoveries

Categories: Children Parent Resources

Mother and daughter talking on couchAs you read through the Gospels, one of the most prominent aspects of Jesus’ ministry is his teaching through parables. With great patience, he took time to put what he was teaching into terms his audience could easily understand. He kept it relevant and relatable. He made lofty, hard-to-wrap- your-head-around spiritual truths easier to comprehend—and people grew closer to him and God because of it. Jesus helped guide their faith discoveries so what they learned was cemented in their hearts and minds —because they made the discoveries for themselves. Take a moment to think about your personal faith discoveries. Which do you remember most vividly—and why?

Like Jesus, you can help your kids to grasp some big spiritual concepts and truly own their faith. Stay connected to their world and the things they’re interested in. Then, watch for opportunities to draw spiritual parallels between events and aspects of their lives to guide their discoveries about God. When you help your kids engage God in their daily lives (not just at church), you pave the way for genuine spiritual maturity that’ll stick with them into adulthood.

Keys to Impact

Here are keys to include in your faith discovery guidance:

  • Engage in activities that tie into spiritual concepts. Get your kids moving and interacting, with purpose, as they learn. Keep focused on developing the spiritual tie-in to activities.
  • When possible, include sights, sounds, and even smells to fully engage your kids. Stimulating kids’ senses helps cement truths into their memory and cultivate richer understanding.