Quality Time Isn’t Nice; It’s Necessary

Categories: Children Parent Resources

With his last hours, Jesus spent time with his closest friends. This wasn’t anything elaborate—just a simple meal together. But in that time set aside to be together, Jesus showed his disciples how much he cared for them. He could have lavished them with material gifts beyond compare, or provided a meal and then gone about his business (he had a lot on his mind, after all)…but he didn’t. Jesus knew well the irreplaceable value of spending time with those he loved. He knew his presence was what they craved more than anything and that time together encompassed the greatest expression of his love.

Much like the disciples wanted to be near Jesus, your kids want nothing more than time with you. Quality time is a love language everyone speaks—particularly kids. Start a new habit in February: spend more quality time with your kids daily. Investigate what makes your kids feel most loved and center your efforts there. Then, as Jesus did, you too can live out the greatest expression of your love.