Youth Ministry – A Part of the Body

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Body of Christ - Youth MinistryI am so excited to be a part of Crossroads right now. I feel a very special unity and a sense that God is just getting started with us. This is the Body of Christ of 1 Corinthians 12 being worked out right in front of us! This all the way from our children to our senior adults.

I look at our church and realize that Youth Ministry isn’t in its own bubble (as it is in some churches), but is involved in the entire church, and it brings my heart joy. Our youth band just led children in worship at the Resurrection Celebration, and often gets to lead worship for the entire church. Church members of all ages are serving as mentors for our students. We have students helping out with Celebrate Recovery. I am so thankful to God for a church that supports our vision and our activities through faithful giving and prayer. Thank you so much!

This summer, we are approaching a busy time. We have Youth Camp (June 17-21), our Leadership Camp for the GROW! students (July 6-13), service projects, trips, and all sorts of other things. Each of these activities impact our students in different ways. Please continue to pray for the Sunday School teachers, the adult volunteers, and other youth leadership as we attempt to point each activity to Christ in a meaningful way.


Jeff Stapleton Youth Pastor Crossroads Baptist Church Marshall TX Grace and Peace