Pastor’s Blog: Mighty to Save

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This month marks the end of our Sermon series encouraging each of us to live to share the message of Jesus Christ. We are celebrating the end of this time by giving you a special opportunity to share your faith with your friends. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2013, in both the morning worship times, we will be sharing with you a video presentation chronicling the testimonies of three individuals whose lives have been radically transformed by God’s grace. The video is well done and powerfully presents the utter helplessness of every man, woman, and child to save themselves and it beautifully displays the hope of the gospel to restore and heal.


Invite your friends that day to your Sunday School class, accompany them to worship and afterwards, take them to eat lunch or plan a meal in your home. Give yourself the opportunity to talk to them about the presentation and pray for God to reveal himself to both of you.

Our challenge this past Sunday morning was to ask ourselves, “In whose lives are my feet beautiful?” Who considers my presence in their life beautiful because of what I have shared with them? Whose life have I seen transformed by God’s grace and power and with whom have I had the privilege of sharing the gospel?

If you are a believer, remember God led someone to share the gospel with you. You responded and were saved, not because of them, but they have become very special to you because of their obedience.

Who will you share an invitation with? Whose life will be changed by God’s grace? Wouldn’t you like to know that your courageous obedience was used by God to lead someone that He was calling to a life changing faith commitment to Christ?

David Rice Pastor Crossroads Baptist Church Marshall tx Your Pastor,

Bro. David