Pastor’s Blog: In All Things Give Thanks

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I would like to begin my comments with a sincere thank you for Crossroads’ expressions of appreciation to myself
and our staff leadership. Your kind words, thoughtful cards, and generous monetary gifts are a sweet blessing. You
will never know just how much each one of those is multiplied by God’s grace for our joy and His glory.

November is seasonally a month in which we emphasize GRATITUDE. So, what is the best way to be grateful?
Gratitude is our response to God’s grace infiltrating every area of our lives. Gratitude eliminates entitlement,
terminates greed, and silences critical spirits. Within gratitude there is contentment, worship, and willing service.
Therefore recognizing and being thankful for all that God is, is best (this is the will of God, 1 Thess. 5:18). Being
grateful brings joy and true joy will always be accompanied by authentic gratitude. Therefore, I have come to the
following conclusions:

I want to live enjoying the world around me for the purpose of the glory of God.
God granted us this world in which we live. It is not perfect; it has wounds, inflicted by the sinful actions of
self-loving humans for ages. However, it is the world that God has given us. We are to enjoy this world, its
beauty, its bounty, its people. Oh, what joy God has granted us to see the awesome effects of His creative
power beneath, around, and above us! Oh, the pleasure to gather around tables of God’s gracious
provision! Oh, the precious people with whom we gather! God help us to enjoy You in each of these
moments. This is best.

I want to be careful to not make my children into idols, by building my life around their interests and activities, but
raise them in a God-centered world learning to love Him and live for others.
God has granted us the great blessing of children. In innocence they bring us undeniable joy. In
adolescence they bring challenges of development and training. In independence there is a new level of
faith growing in both the parent and child. May we treasure these children teaching them the ways of the
Lord: to love Him with all their hearts and to love others without regard for self. This is best.

I want to gladly use resources; my own, my community’s, and the church’s to accomplish these goals of personal
enjoyment and glory for God.
May the investment of all our resources, those that are monetary, those that are relational, those that are
intangible, be for the glory of God the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May our time and talents
be used up and spent for Him and not for ourselves. May we enjoy every moment spent, every dime
allocated, and every friendship with which we are blessed. It is God’s will that we enjoy Him as we live in
this world for His glory. This is best.

The best way to be grateful is see the world in which I
live as a gift from God, to me, for Himself.

Your Pastor,
Bro. David