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From Your Pastor’s Heart

Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord! Lift up your hands to Him for the lives of your children, who faint for hunger at the head of every street. Lamentations 2:19

It’s a sobering season of life sending our children off to school, entrusting them to teachers, coaches, principals and other staff to watch over them, encourage them, discipline them, teach them, etc. Whether it is their first year in kindergarten, the last year of high school or their senior year of college the world our children are entering is morally bankrupt. There is a spiritual famine occurring in this “nation under God”. We cannot trust the culture to create an environment where our children are encouraged to value life from a Christian worldview. Consider these recent events:

  • For years Bill Cosby was considered “America’s dad”. We’ve now learned that Mr. Cosby was a man lurking in the shadows of life preying on the vulnerable.
  • The Highest Court in the nation overlooked millennia of human history, as well as God’s timeless truth, legalizing same sex marriage, deconstructing the core relationships of our society.
  • The federal government supports (1/2 billion dollars annually) a health care organization called Planned Parenthood which is involved in the destruction of human life and the sale of infant organs for the purpose of generating revenue.
  • The main stream media, while ignoring the Planned Parenthood story, vilifies the killer of Cecile the lion, and can’t take their eyes off the latest panda offspring, born at our national zoo.
  • A website dedicated to secret adulterous affairs is hacked and 36 million profiles with names, emails, and credit card numbers are made public. Amongst the leaked information are 15,000 government and military employees. There seems to be more concern about leaked identities than there is about the consequences of our children growing up in a culture of sexual immorality.

All of these events and many more like them make us cross-eyed, as we are daily confronted with the upside down morality of the twenty-first century.

What’s a Christian to do? How do we protect our values and raise our children to love God and to love others without regard for themselves? I believe in these three principles:

  1. Preaching of the Gospel (Christ has come into the world to save sinners)
    • Preach the Gospel to yourself every day. Be humbled by the sobering truth of God’s grace covering your wrath deserving sin
    • Preach the Gospel within the Church. The church at Crossroads and everywhere else needs a steady diet of the Gospel. We do not need deistic therapeutic mumbo-jumbo that is no different from a weekday afternoon talk show.
    • Preach the Gospel as you live in a world lost in sin
  2. Praying in the name of Jesus always (Luke 18:1; 1 Thess. 5:18). Persistently seeking His glory. Making little of self and much of Him (John 3:30). The verse above reminds us all to “pour out our hearts before the presence of the Lord.” To lift our hands in surrender to God for the lives of our children.
  3. Practicing FAITH@HOME. Being disciplined to raise our kiddos to love God and to love others well (Matthew 22:37-40). Making sure there are special times in our homes to consider God. Making sure we talk about God and His plan “as we go”.

What’s a Christian to do? We Preach the Gospel, Pray to God, and Practice FAITH@HOME. We do not Give Up! We press on towards a greater goal than anything this old world would offer (Phil. 3:14). As we do this we will find ourselves satisfied with His infinite worth (Psalm 37:4).