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From Your Pastor’s Heart: Deacons

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From Your Pastor’s Heart

In God’s sovereign plan there are seasons when it is important for us to identify the servants that He is raising up to be deacons in our church family. Our deacons at Crossroads are not an administrative board they are men, filled with the Spirit, who have been identified by their church family, and sensed the call of God on their life to serve Him and His church. The office of Deacon was established in Acts 6 when the young church was on the verge of a crisis of ministry created by the momentous growth they were experiencing. There were a group of widows who were not being looked after in an equitable manner, so the apostles; Peter, James, John, etc, identified a group of men whose sole responsibility was not to preach and lead, but to support and serve. That is what deacons do, they support the mission of the church and serve wherever they can. They are leaders in that they are our “lead servants”. You may not know who they are, but that’s OK. It is not their intent to be known, unless they are known for serving. The Bible makes it clear that not every man should be a deacon. The apostle Paul gives his young pastor/friend, Timothy, some pointers on what to look for in a deacon candidate (1 Timothy 3:8-13):

  • They should be dignified men
  • They should be men who speak the truth and keep their word
  • They should not be addicted to much wine
  • They should not be greedy
  • They must guard/honor the mystery of our faith (the gospel)
  • They should be men who are faithful at home to love their wives and care for their children
  • Their wives are to be held to a high standard as well (1 Timothy 3:11).

We will begin to receive nominations from our church family on August 14 and close those nominations on September 11, 2016. Our deacon body will then process those nominations and select from them men who are willing and biblically qualified to serve the church in this vital position of service. These men will be presented to our church family in 2017.

Our present active Deacon roster is: James Beasley, Jerry Benson, Don Everett, Terry Gresham, Clay Grubbs, Kenny Mathews, Scott Nevins, Brian Nichols, Lloyd Pond, Roy Ross, and Tom Swirchack.

Thank you for your prayerful attention.

Faithfully Yours, Bro. David