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From Your Pastor’s Heart: The 4 P’s of the Faithful Church Member

Categories: Pastors Blog

Upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH and the gates of hell will not overcome it. (Matt. 6:18)

Jesus spoke these words to His closest friends as He prepared them to lead the Church into the first century. Still going strong 21 centuries later, the Church is the hands, the feet, and mouth of Jesus. As we study through the book of Hebrews, we will find the phrase “one another” very often. We will see there an emphasis on encouraging the church to gather together, when there is opportunity. We will see the vital importance that you play in my life and that I play in yours. You see, when I am not here, I am not only missing you, but you are missing me. Let’s refresh our commitment to be committed to the gathering of God’s people at Crossroads.

The contents of this article were first printed back in October 2011. I think that it is a good reminder for all of us. I’ve even added a new “P”:

PRIORITIZE – The Church is every believer’s spiritual family. We should consider the gathering of the Church as a critical component to personal growth and to accomplishing the mission of the church, “To know God, and make Him Known”. Prioritizing you and your family’s presence in Sunday School and in Worship is best for you and your family and will be an encouragement to others.

PLAN – We make a spot in our schedule for the events in our lives that are important to us. The gathering of God’s people for worship and encouragement qualifies as important. Plan to be a part. Put it on the calendar. Learn to say “NO” to the “other stuff” that so easily takes precedent over the ministry of the Church.

PREPARE – “Our clothes weren’t ready.” “We did not get up in time.” “We were out late on Saturday night.” The list will go on. If you never prepare to come, you will never get here. Bathe the kids. Set the alarm. Go to bed on time. Get the clothes ready. I know this all sounds so simplistic but imagine the joy of not having to hurry and rush, or scramble for the right clothes, and arriving with a sound mind and a happy family to worship with God’s people. Doesn’t that sound great? You can do it; we’ve all gotten up early and dressed the kids for ball or cheering or dance, etc! We can do this for God.

PRAY – The enemy does not want you and your family to worship with God’s people. He wants you to remain defeated and distracted. Too many are burdened with the guilt of knowing what they should be doing. Begin to pray for the commitment, for the right plan, for the proper preparation so that you and your family are participating in God’s plan to reach the world, the Church. Here is a prayer for you:

“Father, I know that you have left behind your Church to do the work of your Son until He comes again. I am a part of that Church through faith in Christ. Help me to lead my family to be ready every Sunday to join Your people to worship Your name and to be challenged to live a life that honors You.”

Faithfully Yours, Bro. David