Faith at Home – Home Pointers

Pointers are life stage and special circumstances based brochures. Each pointer offers a biblical perspective on your particular season of life. Pointers also offer suggested At Home resources such as books, websites, articles and DVD series. Here is a list of our Pointers for download:

Life Stages

Marriage Relationships

Single: Should You Pursue Marriage?

Finding a Mate: Proactively Pursuing Marriage

Engaged: Getting Ready for Marriage

Married: Building a Strong Marriage



Considering Children

Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival

Intentional Parenting: Giving a Strong Spiritual Legacy

Introducing Children to Christ 

Your Child’s Schooling Options 

Preparing Your Child for Adolescence 

Launching Young Adults 

Special Situations


Adjusting to an Empty Nest

Influencing Grandchildren

Raising Children With Special Needs

Raising Children Alone

Dealing with a Rebellious Teen

Successfully Blending Families

Difficult Marriage: Hope for a Difficult or Abusive Marriage

Exploring Adoption

Unplanned Pregnancy: Choosing the Best for You and Your Baby

Facing Infertility: Beyond the Heartache

Unbelieving Spouse: Following Christ Alone

Family Finances

Addiction: Addressing Addiction in Your Family

Caring for an Aged Loved One


Living Together

Prodigal Kids: When a Child Rejects Your Beliefs

Disciplining Children