Fall 2013 Sermon Series: Mighty To Save

Fall 2013 Sermon Series: Mighty to Save

Mighty To Save Sermon Series - Crossroads Baptist Marshall TX

David Rice Pastor Crossroads Baptist Church Marshall txI am both excited and intimidated about the weeks to come for us.  I have already felt the fruit of these messages in my own life.  I have sensed a greater urgency and courage in sharing my testimony and the gospel this past week than ever before.  I have found myself praying more and seeking God to give the opportunity to share about this wonderful grace that I have received.  I am also somewhat intimidated by the task before us.  Our text is a difficult one.  Many fine men have undertaken the task of unpacking these words and you and I will benefit from their work.  Most come to these chapters in Romans wanting to know what will happen to Israel as a nation in the end.  We will look at them and allow the light of God’s Spirit to refract through these words and show us the wonder of salvation and how God does it and what our role is in it.  There is no other letter of the apostle Paul which better gives an understanding of God’s working through history to bring about salvation.  And these chapters 9-11 are the climax of Paul’s revelation.

September 1st, 2013: Evangelism: A Good Day’s Work

September 8th, 2013: Mighty to Save #1: Passion

September 15th, 2013: Mighty to Save #2: Can God Hate?

September 22nd, 2013: Mighty to Save #3: Is God Unfair?

September 29th, 2013: Mighty to Save #4: Is God Unjust?

October 20th, 2013: Mighty to Save #5: No Lip Service

October 27th, 2013: Mighty to Save #6: Here We Go

November 3rd, 2013: Mighty to Save #7: There’s a Plan

November 10th, 2013: Mighty to Save #8: The Conclusion