Sermon Series: Faith at Home – August 2013


The Strong Families Innovation Alliance, seeing a trend of believers leaving their faith as they enter adulthood identified a solution. This solution was to begin building a culture of intentional family discipleship. They developed a plan that focused on what they observed were the three most critical jobs of the church to ensure the lasting faith of children and students:

  1. Strengthening Marriage relationships… Children need to experience a loving relationship between parents that reflect gospel values…and that makes kids want to embrace a faith like their parents.
  2. Winning our children to Christ … The overwhelming majority of those who ever become Christians do so as children, most before the age of 13. Most parents recognize it is their job to pass the Christian faith to their kids in the context of the home, yet feel ill-equipped to do so.
  3. Launching our youth An alarmingly high percentage of teens raised in Christian families abandon their parents’ faith during the teen and young adult years. And while this trend has created tension between parents and youth ministers, partnership between church and home is vital to launching our youth as committed believers.

August 4th, 2013: Faith at Home Kickoff – Jeff Stapleton

August 11th, 2013: Faith at Home – Marriage – David Rice

August 18th, 2013: Faith at Home – Winning Our Children

August 25th, 2013: Faith at Home – The Launch Pad