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Family Faith Talk Crossroads Baptist Marshall TX

Family Faith Talks

With Easter at the end of this month, why not celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with a commitment to start a weekly Faith Talk with your family? Faith Talks are one of the building blocks to a family’s spiritual growth.  A Faith Talk is a time intentionally set aside (and protected) for you and your kids to…

Guiding your Children through Faith Crossroads Marshall

Guiding Your Child’s Faith Discoveries

As you read through the Gospels, one of the most prominent aspects of Jesus’ ministry is his teaching through parables. With great patience, he took time to put what he was teaching into terms his audience could easily understand. He kept it relevant and relatable. He made lofty, hard-to-wrap- your-head-around spiritual truths easier to comprehend—and…

Quality Time Isn’t Nice; It’s Necessary

With his last hours, Jesus spent time with his closest friends. This wasn’t anything elaborate—just a simple meal together. But in that time set aside to be together, Jesus showed his disciples how much he cared for them. He could have lavished them with material gifts beyond compare, or provided a meal and then gone…