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From Your Pastor’s Heart – Time Is On My Side

T I M E I S O N M Y S I D E In 1998 the Crossroads Baptist Church welcomed a young pastor and his family into your community of faith. We had been married for only 7 years with two little ones in tow, a curly headed 2 yr old, Anna, and an…

Busy Teenager Time Management tips Crossroads Baptist Marshall

Help Students Invest Their Time Wisely

Adolescence offers many kids their first opportunity to manage their own schedules. Unfortunately, with all the obligations they must juggle, “free time” can become a foreign concept. Teenagers’ waking hours are packed with school, homework, sports, clubs, work, and church activities. So much for the myth that the teen years are a time to just…

Quality Time Isn’t Nice; It’s Necessary

With his last hours, Jesus spent time with his closest friends. This wasn’t anything elaborate—just a simple meal together. But in that time set aside to be together, Jesus showed his disciples how much he cared for them. He could have lavished them with material gifts beyond compare, or provided a meal and then gone…