What to Expect

Worship-with-usWhat Should I Expect in Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church?

Simply put, you can expect a friendly, warm, Christ-honoring experience. You can expect people who care about you, and a place where you can grow. We at CRBC don’t claim to be perfect people, but sincere people.

Where Would I Fit In?

You will find many formal, and less formal ways to fit in, from smaller Bible classes, to activities, to simply hanging out with friends for lunch. Here are some of our scheduled events.

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30 a.m.

As you walk in, friendly ushers will be available to help you find a seat and answer any questions you may have. Our church services are filled uplifting hymns, modern worship songs, prayer, and exegetical and practical preaching of the Word of God.

Sunday Bible Classes – 9:15 a.m.

We have many different bible study options for people of all ages. Some are grouped by age, while others are grouped by life situation.

Click here to see a list of all our Sunday morning Bible Study classes


Ladies                                                             Teacher                                       Location

Faithful Workers                                          Virgie Lawless                                    Office Hall

Joy                                                                   Nancy Swirchack                               Office Hall

Victory                                                            Jaime Vance                                       Berea Building Room 123


Men’s Class                                                    James Beasley                                    Berea Building Room 102


Co-educational Classes

Young Adults                                                Joe David & Tina Brown                     Berea Building Room 104

Journey                                                          Brian & Paula Nichols                       Berea Building Room 113

Explorers                                                       Rick & Shirley Novak                         Berea Building Room 124

Disciples                                                        Scott & Dee Nevins                             Berea Building Room

Friendship                                                    Gene & Pat Walker                              Berea Building Room 103

Path Finders                                                 Guy & Cindy Gibson                           Berea Building Room

Singles                                                           Steve Thurston                                     Berea Building Room



College                                                          Marcus & Rachel Holliday                 Berea Building Room 105


Student Ministry

Jr. High Boys                                               Nathan Bach                                         Berea Building – Youth

Jr. High Girls                                               Lisa Bach                                               Berea Building – Youth

HS Boys                                                         Sam Hammonree                                Berea Building – Youth

HS Girls                                                         Kristy Grubbs                                       Berea Building – Youth


Nursery    0-6 Months                                Celina Rice and Kristin Sweeny       Children’s Hall

6 Months – 24 Months                              Jeanne Smith & Janie Polk               Children’s Hall

2’s & 3’s                                                         Amy Martin                                          Children’s Hall

4’s & 5’s                                                         Elizabeth Prothro                                Children’s Hall

Kindergarten                                                Kara Roos                                             Children’s Hall

1st & 2nd                                                        Jerry and Debbie Benson                  Children’s Hall

3rd & 4th                                                        Nina Morgan                                        Children’s Hall

5th & 6th                                                        Todd & Chasity Guthrie                     Children’s Hall

Wednesday Evening Bible Studies

We have a lot of things that happen on Wednesday nights. We have a weekly family meal that begins at 5:00 p.m. (except in the month of July). The meal is $5 for adults and $3 for children. The meal is usually a home-made meal by our very own kitchen crew. After the meal, we have activities for people of all ages.

Youth – Our Ascension Student Ministry program begins at 6:00. This includes worship led by our student worship team, games, and either small-group Bible study or large-group preaching. This is for students who are in grades 7-12.

Children – Children’s activities begin at 6:15. We have Mission Friends for our Pre-K students, R.A.s for the Boys, and G.A.s for the girls. Depending on the time of year, our Children’s choir will also meet at the beginning or end of this time. We also have a nursery available for all children too young for Mission Friends.

Adults – Our Adult Bible Study begins at 6:15 on Wednesday evenings in the Auditorium. This is for all adults. Each spring and fall semester, we also offer an additional Men’s and Women’s Bible study. These are topical and usually last 8 weeks.

CCA – After the Adult Bible study, some of our senior adults meet in the fellowship hall for snacks, dominoes, and fellowship.

What About My Child(ren)?

We provide first-class nurseries and child-care for your newborn or baby, where they will be kept safe and well supervised. Every parent will be provided with a pager so that the nursery staff can notify that parent if assistance is needed or an emergency occurs.

In addition to Sunday Morning Worship during the 10AM hour, children grades K-3 enjoy our Children’s Church program. This program involves Bible stories, worship, and games. We also have special bulletins and supplies for children who wish to join their parents in worship.

Many children enjoy participating in our periodic children’s choirs, which often perform for special events. Vacation Bible School (June 10 – 14) and other children’s events are also available throughout the year.

What Should I Wear?

There is no strict dress code to attend our public services. Some wear their “Sunday Best”, but others dress more casually.