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From Your Pastor’s Heart: The 4 P’s of the Faithful Church Member

Upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH and the gates of hell will not overcome it. (Matt. 6:18) Jesus spoke these words to His closest friends as He prepared them to lead the Church into the first century. Still going strong 21 centuries later, the Church is the hands, the feet, and mouth of…


From Your Pastor’s Heart: Are You Read?

From Your Pastor’s Heart Many of you have asked, “Who are our active deacons?” as you are considering our deacon nomination process. Here are those names: 1. James Beasley  7. Scott Nevins 2.Jerry Benson  8. Brian Nichols 3.Don Everett  9. Lloyd Pond 4.Terry Gresham  10. Roy Ross 5.Clay Grubbs  11. Tom Swirchack 6.Kenny Mathews These…


From Your Pastor’s Heart: Deacons

From Your Pastor’s Heart In God’s sovereign plan there are seasons when it is important for us to identify the servants that He is raising up to be deacons in our church family. Our deacons at Crossroads are not an administrative board they are men, filled with the Spirit, who have been identified by their…

Welcome to Crossroads Baptist Church in Marshall, TX.  Here at Crossroads we put families first with our affordable Wednesday meal, times for fellowship, children and youth activities, and timely Bible studies that provide biblical solutions for today’s life situations. College and career students will experience the acceptance of a family atmosphere and find a welcome place to serve. From Senior Adults to Young Adults, from Singles to Baby Boomers, there is something for everybody at Crossroads.